Why use a consultant?

More often than not an outsider will be able to see things that you won’t just because they are an outsider. Someone who is independent can also challenge the business without fear of later recriminations.

How much will it cost?

The larger consultancies usually charge large daily rates as they have much higher overheads than smaller consultancies. Diass charges are dependent on the nature of the work to be performed, it's location and it's likely duration.

Do I have to commit funds up front?

No. A free initial meeting lasting a couple of hours is usually enough to get a good understanding of the business issue. After then, Diass will write a proposal and if acceptable draw up a contract for the work detailing the scope, agreed rate, terms and conditions and the probable duration of the project. Once this has been completed plans to do the work can be agreed along with a starting date.

What do you mean by Specialised Analysis?

This is analysing data using spreadsheets, databases and other more funky software. It can be as simple as sorting a file (this has been known) to as complex as using Benford's Law to help detect fraud.

James has a particular interest in geographical analysis stemming back to his university days and this is now becoming a growth sector in the IT industry.

I already have a complex IT system so how can Diass help analyse my data?

We have come across a number of organisations that ask this. Indeed one was planning to buy a new £3m system because they couldn't extract data and undertake management reporting using their existing system. We demonstrated that they could.

New and complex IT systems are expensive and it is usually the management reports that get left behind. Despite the availability of spreadsheets, databases and generic reporting tools they are only as good as the people using them. Diass can usually identify quicker and simpler ways of doing even the most simple things.

How will I know whether my business could benefit from this service?

Does Diass help all sizes of business?

Yes. We have experience in helping sole operators and medium sized business, advising at Board level and examining processes for senior managers in the public sector. To see a selection of our work please go to our examples page.

How can I get in touch with Diass?

By simply going to the Contact Us page or email us at james@diass.co.uk